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We support founding teams building software and professional services companies with a focus on AI, 5G, Block-chain and Cloud computing. 

Our philosophy & Operating model

At PlanetCorp, we firmly believe that the post COVID era will usher in a new generation of technology companies powered by AI, 5G, and blockchain. To address this market need, we are assembling a portfolio of companies and talent focused on building the next generation of technology companies to create long-term shareholder value and generational wealth for the founding teams.

We follow a two-pronged M&A strategy to help grow and support our portfolio companies. The first is working with an exceptional founding team with a technical pedigree in AI, 5G, and blockchain. The second focuses on consolidating small and mid-market professional services firms focused on digital transformation and cloud. 


We usually do not take over our portfolio companies' day-to-day management but support them through capital allocation, scaling sales, and providing a shared services function that streamlines daily back-office processes.​

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